The Pineapple

Give your diet a healthy boost with these health foods. They’re among your best bets for eating well because they meet at least three of the following criteria. To have this healthy foods eat list, is the first step in the right direction. This truly is a matter of your choice, if you want to live a healthier, longer life.

  • Good or excellent source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients
  • High in phytonutrients and antioxidant compounds, such as vitamins A and E and beta carotene
  • May help reduce risk of heart disease and other health conditions
  • Readily available


The ADA recommends steering clear of most sweet foods, although there are some exceptions. Apples might be sweet, they’re also high in fiber and water. Eating an apple produces saliva in your mouth, which rinses away bacteria. This fiber can lower blood cholesterol and glucose levels. Apples are a great source of vitamin C, an antioxidant that protects your body’s cells from damage. Vitamin C also helps form the connective tissue collagen, keeps your capillaries and other blood vessels healthy, and aids in the absorption of iron.

PINEAPPLEThe Pineapple

Pineapple has been directly related to preventing 7 CANCERS of the mouth, throat, and  breast as it is rich in antioxidants, including VITAMINS A, beta-carotene, bromelain, flavonoids, and manganese. Pineapple has the ability to reduce the inflammation of joints and muscles, particularly those associated with ARTHRITIS. It has the ability to improve EYE HEALTH, and prevent other age-related eye diseases. Pineapple is also a source of potassium. The vasodilating action of potassium eases tension an stress in the blood vessels and increases blood circulation to  various parts of the body.


This is a powerhouse of antioxidants to inducing sleep. KIWI helps in digestion, a good source of Folate, powerhouse of vitamins and minerals, and helps to make the skin beautiful. KIWI counteracts aging, and improves Skin Health, Respiratory Health, and is very good for Vision and prevention of Eye Disease. Aids in digestion, improves the Cardiovascular System. Also is good for Bone maintenance and repair.kiwikiwi


Like other legumes, such as peanuts, peas, and lentils, black beans are prized for their high protein and fiber content. They also contain calcium, iron, and manganese. Black beans also have high levels of flavonoids, particularly anthocyanin, which have antioxidant abilities. They also contain omega-3 fatty acid, which is considered a good form of cholesterol. These antioxidants help protect against Cancer, inproves digestion, provides long- lasting energy, and helps blood sugar levels remain stable.


Artichokes are packed with phytonutrients such as quercetin, rutin, gallic acid, and cynann, all working to protect against many health risks including cancer, heart disease, liver dysfunction, high cholesterol, and diabetes. The fiber in the Artichokes will help lower blood sugar and blood pressure levels, prevent inflammation and protect heart health, and reduce your lipoprotein.Artichoke


The vitamin A found in broccoli, beta carotene, is essential for liver health, immune functioning and has been shown to fight cancer. Broccoli is a great source of vitamins K and C, a good source of folic acid and also provides potassium, fiber. Vitamin C builds collagen, which forms body tissue and bone, and helps cuts and wounds heal. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant and protects the body from damaging free radicals.


It seems like just about any berry is good for you.  But the  combined intense flavor and versatility, healthy people make an effort to include berries in their diet. Blueberries are often referred to as a super food because they’re rich in antioxidants, which are linked to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease while promoting heart-health.


The strawberry is another berry that holds significant healthy properties. Strawberries are full of fiber and vitamin C, which studies link to lower cholesterol. The red, juicy berry is also associated with clearer skin, improved vision, and cancer prevention. Plus, you can eat berries on their own or on oates, smoothies, or salads.Best Berries

  1. Some of these foods I include in my diet already. All of them I enjoy. Fruits concerned me due to the sugar levels even though natural sugars. I can see the benefits outweigh that sugar level and with moderation can be very beneficial. I love pineapple and had no idea it was beneficial for my arthritis. This is one I will surely add back more regularly in my diet.
    I try to watch my sugar intake as a borderline diabetic, how often would you say to include these fruits in your diet?

    • Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Yes fruits are very beneficial for the body. When we were younger we would eat fruit because we just liked it, not realizing the health benefits. Like they say, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, is very true. Likewise some pineapple a day is also very beneficial like I wrote in my post. The main thing is getting those fruits in your body at least once a day, making a daily habit of it, is what helps the body heal itself, rather than once in a while. It really has to be a way of life, just like sleeping.Hope this helps, anymore questions please feel free to ask!

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